Love goes.


What does a great summer look like?  Sleeping late?  Lying by the pool every day?  Binge watching Netflix?  Sure, some of those things would be fantastic in small doses; but a whole summer devoted to them wouldn’t be so great. 

But what about a summer devoted to these things?  Serving with a team of students united in making an eternal difference in the lives of people disconnected from God.  Connecting with people you’ve never met and going places you’ve never been.  Showing love and compassion to a hurting world.  Using your gifts - sports, music, the English language, teaching, medicine – to share the good news of Jesus.  Now that sounds like a great investment of a summer!

BCMissions gives SC college students the opportunity to have a great summer by being on mission anywhere from one week to two months.  Explore the opportunities that are found here.  Pray for God’s direction.  Complete the application and begin the process of having one of the greatest summers of your life.

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Ken Owens,

SC BCM Director, South Carolina Baptist Convention

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