Qualifications of a BCMGO Missionary

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A BCMissionary should be someone Who is…

1.        A mature Christian who is an active member of a Baptist and/or other evangelical church.  Students who are members of other evangelical churches should be supportive of Southern Baptist ministry and practice.

2.         A leader and active worker in Baptist Collegiate Ministry activities or local Baptist church activities.

3.        Spiritually, physically, and emotionally healthy.

4.        Willing to go without receiving a salary.  Some positions do receive honorariums.  Others receive partial funding and will need to raise some of the finances for their mission experience. 

5. Committed to seeking and raising support (whether prayer and/or financial).

5.        Flexible and willing to serve others with a humble spirit.

6.        Able to seriously commit to dates for applications to be submitted, participation in Mission Discovery Days and attendance at Commissioning Service and Orientation.

Dates for bcmGO 2020:

  • Application Deadlines: November 15, 2019 (Early) & February 14, 2020

  • Mission Discovery Days: TBA

  • Commissioning Service: TBA

  • Orientation: TBA

7. Aware that, if appointed to a position, you will be asked to complete BCMissions Summer Report Forms throughout the summer. These reports allow our SC BCM staff to best serve you and care for you during your summer service.