Dear Parents,

We would love to just say “thank you” for allowing your son or daughter to be a part of BCMGO through South Carolina!  We are excited about the positions we are seeking to fill this year and have spent much time in prayer, in research, and in communication with others who have served through each of these projects.

As a fellow parent of students who have served as missionaries both stateside, internationally, short and long term, I can definitely say I have walked in your shoes.  Your questions may be many or they may be few.  You may be completely at ease with this step for your child or you may be a complete wreck just thinking about all the different scenarios or what-ifs.  Hopefully they’ve taken the time to communicate with you about how they are feeling and why they feel led to take this step at this time.

Let me just say, take a deep breath, spend some time praying for your son or daughter, and then spend some time praying with them.  Trust God to lead and to guide – and then trust God to provide as well – not only for the necessary resources to be there but for their safety and well-being.  They will definitely need your support and encouragement along the path as they further their journey through mission service!

One thing I can say with full assurance, this experience will impact their own life, as well as the lives of others they will serve.  Please, take some time to read through the information found here on this website so that you feel informed and then ask whatever questions you may have!  We will do our best to answer each question.  Thank you for your willingness to take this next step alongside your child!  And thank you for entrusting your son or your daughter to go and to serve and to further God’s Kingdom here on earth!

Christy Hansen,

Collegiate Missions Mobilizer