Applying for a Position

+ How do I apply?

Prayerfully read through and conisder all project options. Once you've determined a few projects you'd like to be considered for, head on over to our APPLY page!

+ Should I apply early?

Doing so will give you the top consideration for these trips, and it will allow you to know about a potential placement before Christmas, giving more time to prepare and to raise money for the experience.

+ Why is the application so long?

We like to think of our application process as very thorough! Your application helps provide us with both general and specific information that helps to guide and inform the interview and appointment process. Take your time as you fill out the application. You can always save it and come back to work on it later!

+ What is Missions Discovery Day?

These are required interview opportunities for you to share directly with BCM Staff and mission leaders about yourself, your testimony, your desire to serve in missions, and your preference for mission positions. You'll also be able to ask questions and hear more about the BCMGO Experience. Mission Discovery Days will involve a scheduled online video meeting with some of our BCMGO team (all you'll need is access to a computer with video camera, microphone, and good internet connnection).

+ When will I know if I've been appointed?

After Missions Discovery Day, our BCMGO Staff will meet to determine positions. You'll be notified shortly after of a possible appointment.

+ I have a friend's wedding next summer. Can I still apply for BCMGO?

That's a great question! The dates listed for each project are non-negotiable. By applying for a specific project, you are agreeing to commit to those dates of service. Traveling back and forth from the mission field for other events will not be permitted.

+ What are the requirements to serve as a BCMGO Missionary?

Head on over to our Qualifications page to read through what we desire to see in our student missionaries.

Getting Ready to Go

+ How can I be preparing?

Spend time in the Word and in prayer. Be involved in Biblical community with your local church and BCM. Seek prayer support from friends and family. Be proactive in the logisitics; securing a passport, getting immunizations, and being aware of travel information.

+ Who is responsible for travel arrangments?

Our BCMGO Staff will handle booking and securing your travel arrangements.

+ What cost am I responsible for?

You will be responsible for raising funds for the advertised cost of the project to which you've been appointed. You'll also be responsible for any fees associated with a passport, VISA, immunizations, or additional baggage fees.

+ Why are some of the projects so expensive?

Each project has a cost that is specific to the location and type of ministry you'll be involved in. Most costs include your travel arrangements (flight), transportation while on the field, food, lodging, and other on field costs. Please know that the cost advertised has already been offset thanks to the generous donations of BCMs, individuals, and local churches through the Cooperative Program.

+ What are some ways that I can raise funds and support?

We've listed some helpful tips and ideas for fundraising on our Preparing to Go page!

+ Is BCMGO Orientation required?

Yes. Orientation is required. If you have extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from attending and you know ahead of time, please contact our BCMGO Staff.

On the Field

+ Who will my supervisor be?

BCMGO Staff will always be available to student missionaries; however, during the summer you'll be working directly with missionaries or staff on the field. You'll be put in contact with the local field supervisor prior to your trip.

+ Will I be traveling alone?

Ideally, we like to send students in partners or teams. You may be serving with just one other person, but you may also be joining other students from around the U.S. depending on the project.

+ Will I have insurance while on the field?

BCMGO provides travel insurance for every student missionary. This insurance is secondary to whatever insurance you hold as primary.

+ What do I do in the event of an emergency?

BCMGO Staff are available to parents and students at any time. If for some reason there is an emergency at home or on the field, we are always able to communicate with the students and will do whatever is necessary in that particular situation.

+ Are visits from friends or family allowed while I'm on the field?

Visits to the field of service are discouraged. Ten weeks is such a short period of time on the field that visits would be a distraction to the work of the student missionary. Any planned visit to the field should be cleared by both BCMGO Staff and the local field supervisor of the student missionary.